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Writer and poet. Hugo and Nebula nominee. Author of “The Accidental Terrorist: Confessions of a Reluctant Missionary.” Post-Mormon. Banned from Canada.


  • Tegan Jones

    Tegan Jones

  • Kourosh Dini, MD

    Kourosh Dini, MD

    Psychoanalyst, productivity expert, and author.

  • Cecilia Ríos

    Cecilia Ríos

  • Michael Slavitch

    Michael Slavitch

    I make things using computers.

  • David Loeff

    David Loeff

    Born in Chicago, schooled in New York, Denver, Alamosa and Taipei, I reside in Colorado, and specialize in business/technical writing and graphic design.

  • Jason Sanford

    Jason Sanford

    A science fiction take on life in our SF-inspired world. Learn more about Jason at

  • Michele Ramirez

    Michele Ramirez

  • Megan Foy

    Megan Foy

    Director of Innovation at 20th Century Fox

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